Червени / Пурпурни

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Very healthy and robust rose variety. The flower is big and rich. The foliage is green and glossy..
3.20 лв.

A cluster flowering floribunda variety. Black buds open into velvety dark red blooms. This rose is w..
6.00 лв.

This is the red variant of Morsdag. It has the same characteristics as the orange and the white ones..
5.10 лв.

This variety is resistant to low temperatures and for that reason it is very popular in Northern Eur..
6.50 лв.

Red-orange HT rose with double flowers, no fragrance.  Blooms in flushes througout the seaso..
3.20 лв.

Very popular easy to grow variety suitable both for hot and dry climate and for rainy one.  ..
4.90 лв.

Very popularand easy to grow  variety suitable for fencing. Blooms through the entire vegita..
5.10 лв.

Very attractive variety with repeating bloom and exuberant flowering from spring until autumn. Th..
3.20 лв.

This is the climbing sport of the Hybrid Tea Grand Chateau.  The flowers are big and deep da..
3.20 лв.

Darr red rose ( the so-called black roses) with big rich flowers with moderate fragrance.  B..
3.20 лв.

Registration name: Poulman Exhibition name: Ingrid Bergman ® Bred by L. Pernille Olesen (Denmark..
7.00 лв.

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